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Brentin Hess, Investor/Real Estate Entrepreneur

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Brentin Hess has been investing in real estate since 2013.  Brentin's WHY is making a generational impact, his HOW is through real estate investing, and his WHAT is flipping houses and owning rental properties.  


While serving as an Accounting and Finance Analyst for the Department of Defense for 5 years, Brentin earned his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Towson University as well as his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Frostburg State University.  


He now spends his professional time buying properties to flip or own, mentoring and coaching other aspiring real estate investors to do the same, and helping homeowners out of tough situations.  His passion is launching and running collegiate-level real estate clubs to spread awareness of real estate investing to the younger generation.


Brentin loves spending his free time playing and watching just about every sport, spending time with his family and friends as well as being a father to his son

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